What is the Google “navlekha” project? Read everything you need to know.

Google introduces a whole new platform to publish content in your own language where you got a facility to easily copy and paste your present or old material get online for searchers.

So, here are some features and benefits you should know while you wish to publish content in your own language from offline to online.

Publish Free:

We all know that to publish your own material online it has some process…

Just like you need to take the domain and hosting space to be copyright but with Google nawlekha you need not pay any more to publish your content.

The process is quite easy to publish get copyright at your content online.

Copy and paste to publish:

Here is Google gives you the best facility to copy and paste all contents easily.

You just need to convert your whole material in PDF and it will copy all these PDF files and convert it into your preferred language.

Express your interest:

If you are verified publisher and up till now offline…

so you have the best opportunity to come on free of cost platform to publish your material online.

You need not to do anything..

The Google circuitry work for you and gives appropriate support to get your Publication online although you do not have knowledge of Digital Medium.

They will get in touch with you after review of your application.

No setup cost:

This platform is committed to bring your publications online.

So google’s team will help you to set up your website on easy way.

They will provide your domain and all setup tools absolutly free for the next three years.

Easy publication tools:

You need not to be too technical to do this stuff.

Google introduces here new publication tools to publish easily and get online with them.

Publish existing and future content by only converting your PDF files online with the help of easy conversion tools.

Manage content online:

This publication tools gives you a power to manage your own content..

Means you should create, edit, delete it according to your preference.

So here you got an opportunity to create new publication directly online.

Get more readers:

People already searching for your content online..

So you have great chance to get online and spread more awareness for your publication.

With this platform you must connect with the new generation and increase your reader’s list with those have a habit to read online.

Get paid for your content:

This platform also gives you an opportunity to come online and make money from your engaging Publication.

With the help of Google AdSense be a part of largest advertisement network.

Let advertisers bid for your engaging content and you can get a chance to earn money online.

You just need to express your interest to become an online publisher.

Click below link to access the ‘Navlekha’ publishing platform and get your publication online today.

Start Using ‘Navlekha’

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