You might be involved with some of the high tech digital marketing strategies to grow your business.

But there are a lot of new digital marketing trends and strategies you should know in the new internet-connected words that will lead you to understand the new age of marketing and help you to get success.

Every year technology jumps one thing to another and it’s set a new standard that the way new trends come into existence. We should need to know the latest trend and also follow it in our business because it will illustrate the future of business using new innovation.

 So that, I will generate the list of trends that will influence marketing in the coming year 2020 and this is the most growing trend that I ever said to you and you just need to read on…

Here are the most popular marketing Trends in 2020.

Influence marketing:

Do you know anyone who tells you to take free things of a particular product or service where he provides the information about expensive things with the discount or promotional coupons or maybe provides the best information that you were looking for? So, I will certainly tell you that you are influenced by influencer because you are thinking to do something like he is thinking?

 Is it? right?

2020 is the age of influencers, influencer marketing is growing mostly through social media. Social media influencers are someone who has the power to influence the perception of people or get them to do something different. They are building company brands to improve their targeted audience.

In 2019 the influencer marketing budget has doubled in the world from last year. Brands are no longer interested in partnering with traditional media channels but they are focused on influences to get higher engagement. Brands now prefer to get into a long-term partnership with influences because long-term partnerships can bring better results.

Influence marketing allows you to think out of the box and it finding new ways to reach your audience and with influence marketing allows us to move fast and get creative. So, fly high with influence marketing.

Voice search:

Voice search technology allows users to perform a search on the internet rather than typing their query into the search box.

50% of all searches will be voice search by 2020.

About 30% of all searches will be done without the screen by 2020.

The voices recognition market top growing industry in 2020.

Mobile voice search is 3 X more likely to happen in 2020 than text-related searches.

2 out of 5 adults use voice search once daily worldwide.

the Amazon Echo and Google assistant is the top-selling product in 2020.

To ahead in the competition you need to optimize your website for voice search by making your website content searchable. You need to use some different strategies rather than traditional, means to optimize for the meaning and accuracy of user input. Typically optimized to perform a specific action where you can use user intent when they search for particular query also long content like long-tail keywords.

You need to go through voice SEO here 60% searches on Google perform by mobile because people find easier to perform voice search on mobile than typing on it.

Voice search is going to take over text search in future years because researchers say that 41% of people who have voice-activated speakers say it feels like talking to a friend or with another person and it gives him a personalized feel.

So, optimize your content for voice search and make your business more searchable.

Video marketing:

The future of video marketing involves using multiple platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and many others.

Videos will take to become more informative to stay relevant and want to become optimized for individual platforms by platforms.

Your attention changes to living room media to movable media anytime anywhere. Now the changes are in the phase where every company works as a media company when it comes to customer engagement through the video.

The video strategy is the most important part of the MD and SEOs of companies. Every company needs to produce video content for promo, information, and review, etc.

The video strategy upskills branding in your industry because the sales team will use the video resources to give information to their consumers. Now in 2020, the nature of the campaign will be centered around the video content because it allows the marketer to reach an individual’s living room.

It has numerous advantages to use video marketing because…

Video grab attention in a very short period of time.

It gives you more traffic.

It delivers more return on investment.

It attracts more viewers.

Video becomes to deliver the most personalized message.

It is key to SEO.

Now 70% of all internet traffic in 2020 comes via video.

72% of marketing professionals worldwide say video as a type of content best return on investment.

93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communication.

Video content brings a 157% increase in organic traffic.

People spend 2.6 X more time on a website with video than without video.

50% of potential customers look for the video related to the product before making the purchase.

In conclusion, video marketing is the future. it’s only a matter of time that technology increasingly became more adaptive to video content. 2020 is the best period for your brand to invest in video marketing.

You can use mobile video, live streaming, post video on social platforms, stories and also micro-videos to influence a consumer because it could generate 10 X ROI that’s why 2020 is the video-first world.


More industry using chatbots to automate the business processes. It is now being used to deliver superior customer service and improve the consumer experience. The chatbots take your business to the next level and enable a wonderful experience for the customer.

In 2020 the chatbots will become the more intelligent to understand the conversation and intent of the user queries.  In the coming era, you will see the chatbots will automate payment that allows the user to pay directly for the live chat on messages.

The demand will increase for businesses to launch more bots on their websites. The chatbots will be used as a vital source of data about customers. You can integrate it with your data structure and use the chatbot analytics to find out the exact accurate result.

Chatbots can be used many times in various industries but the customer service charge what seems to be the most popular at the moment, also in the coming future, we can expect more voice-enabled interactions because the voice is becoming the more preferred way to access digital services across industries.

Ultimately, chatbots are optimized to deliver the most of the profit-driven results with the lowest cost with great customer experience.

Augmented reality and virtual reality:

With the help of augmented reality, you can more interact with the computer-generated displays, sound, text, effects and it will enhance user real-world experience. It will increase the mobile experience with added virtual features.

Virtual reality changes the real-time situation by changing the real-time scenario taking you to a different virtual world. The best advantage of virtual reality is creating a realistic world for a user to have experience not possible in the real world. With the help of specific equipment like Google glasses can give you a virtual reality experience.

It is valued by tech giants and data scientists to make a real-time model. you will see these two technologies grow in the coming years and impact your real-life and make things more realistic by using science and fiction.

Interactive content marketing:

What’s in your mind when you want to interact with someone?

You will start with the question. right?

If you will get all answers as per your expectation and if you are satisfied then you start believing in it and starts engaging with it. Here is the role of interactive content comes on…

Suggestions, questions & answers and reviews are all come in interactive marketing.

97% of marketers agree that interactive content can result in visitors.

Interactive content is 23% more effective at educating bias.

81% of the Survey responded said that interactive content graphs attention more effectively than static content.

From creation to distribution new technology allows marketers to find new ways to engage consumers. Brands to need that the consumer consumes better content in continuous ways to become ahead in the competition.

The interactive content marketing allows one to one personalized communication. Through interactive content, you can able to reach potential customers that lead you to increase your sales.

The traditional marketing is one way but interactive work gives you the best response and whereas it would be measurable because with this type of communication increase consumer memory retention rate.

Social media:

Social media marketing one of the most important business marketing strategies of 2020 because it increases awareness of your brand. gives you leads, boosts your reach and sales.

In social media, over billions of unique users worldwide and you can’t afford to miss out. All your current and prospect customers on social media.

Social media is a powerful source of information.

It is a great way to build trust.

It is the way to reach your intended audience.

The quickest way to reach people.

The cheapest way to connect with the audience.

In the latest statistics of over 7.4 billion people and nearly half of that present over the internet and nearly 3 billion people using social media within that 40% of active mobile users. So, No matter what your industry segment or audience is, it will all available on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn that can boost your website traffic.

Tons of successful startup are grown up using social media tactics and leading to the industry. Hence never miss out on business potential, try to become consistent on social media to grow your business.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning:

The artificial intelligence will give exact and precise behavior patterns of people. Artificial intelligence did a great job in filtering, processing and establishing parameters which use valuable content for making market strategies and implementation plan.

It will do a great job when it comes to repetitive tasks and analyzing huge data. They can do it faster than humans. It will help the system to create automated content to reach a targeted audience, improve chatbot experience, improve A/B testing also it will reduce data error leads you to get the highest ROI.

Artificial intelligence is an intelligent machine that will program to respond like a human. It will design to predicts human’s every action for betterment to improve our life.

For each company customers are a primary priority, client desire can be analyzed by machine and with this analysis, companies focus to provide the best facility products or services according to customer demand.

In digital marketing, the trends in using machine learning are increasing. It is important for the expansion of business to analyze accurate data. Machine learning will provide filtered targeted audience that will help companies digital selling.

In the near future, you will see more accurate contextual targeting of the targeted customer by using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

finally, follow the trends to grow your business.



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