6 proven steps to start your online business.

What if I tell you that to start your online business is easy?

It sounds crazy, right?

Imagine you could make all of your money online. How good it would be?

You could lift up the lid of your laptop and clicked over some buttons to connect with your customers and then whole day sit back, relax and watch the money roll in.

its like the dream, right?

But right now, here you are. sat in front of your desktop, reading this blog and wishing start own online business.

But it does not have to be this way:

There is a step to follow to start an online business. It does not cost you any money, you will find the best-recommended expert steps to follow here.

Here I come up with a best practice that followed by thousands of successful entrepreneur who made a million online.

All you have to do just scroll down and read it…

1. Choose your specific niche:

To start your online business you need to select a specific niche to work because you may know everything but you can’t be master of anything. If you have tried everything so you can’t be a master and go fail.

If you want to get success in your work then concentrate on one thing where you are most skilful. 

 Selection of niche is very important to survive in the market and you need to select a niche that you will be good at. 

Some of the specific points want to consider while selecting your working niche.

Starts with your strongest point:

You just want to know whats your strongest point. You feel easy while working over it. If you find the answer in what you good at then you should try to be more storage in future prospective.

Find your passion:

Find out your interests, find out what you love to do, love to talk about. what makes you more excited when you think and talk about and never bored. You always stick to it until it finished. Find something you won’t give up even though hundreds of difficulties.

 Know your natural ability:

Some of your skills does not require speciality because everyone has its natural ability and you don’t need to work hard to get the result in it. it’s like your natural strength.

Select payable niche:

The niche should be in trending, in-demand and people wants to pay for it. So it can generate money for you.

Upgrade your skill set:

If you have good skills in a particular niche then the possibility to grow fast because you know those things well. you may start learning to acquire the required skill.

Now you have decided on which particular niche you have to work. it may be Search engine marketing, blog writing, content marketing, funnel expert, social media marketing and so on…

2. Choose your career goal:

So go through career-building steps but first describe your career goal. you need to define your career perspective where you are 100% sure what you want to do so you never get confused after started working. There are some categories while you started working online to set your career goal then first choose your working platform.

Getting Start working in own business:

If you have any business at your home then the best way to start earning online by taking your own business online. Convert your offline business to online and analyse what your competitors doing online and try to dominate then by applying digital methods to your traditional business.


If you don’t have any business at home then set up your startup. Pick up your interest topic, research on things, gathered the resources, starts creating own product and make your plan to enter in the market.

You can take a calculated risk at least one time without afraid about your failure and if you fail, what going to happen you can get experience.

With that experience, you can able get your job in a particular field because everybody knows how hard is to survive startups in this competitive environment so you may get a job easily.

Start contributing to others business:

You can also start your career in the digital field by contributing to others business by partnering with them, if you have the skill then you can get a position in friends or others business or you may able to provide them with a consultancy.

Another way where you can find a job in any organisation with your recent knowledge. Tell them about your job-related abilities in your profile or to get work from them tell them about your past accomplishments.

Highlight your USP ( Unique Selling Point ) means to showcase your skills and tell them what is best in you, show them an interest in their business and how you can take it to the next level.

3. Start a career as a freelancer:

If above two options did not suit your requirement and you like to DIY ( do it yourself) method, love to working alone, your freedom is important for you then I should say go through freelancing platform.

If you don’t have any product or services to sell then ask yourself what I am specialised in? and can I offer my specific skill to anyone?

As you finalised what you want to offer then you can analyse your top competitors about what are they offering? 

As you are new in this field so obviously offer your services cheaper than your competitors. May you don’t get any work or finalised any deal but you get noticed and get an enquiry.

So tell your customer why you are selling this cheap. Tell them I have started working in freelancing and new in this platform but I have good skills regarding your requirements.  

I have experience but I have offered you less because I am new here. If You dint have authority may you dint get your first paid client then offers your service free? 

Yes. you will tell them I offering this my service free for a month and if you like it and you are satisfied then take my paid service afterwords. Give him a decent free service for a month then ask for the paid ones.

To increase your authority while working in freelancing platform ask your customer to write a good review of your service, even you can offer them a discount to agree on him to write a good review.

4. Make your online presence:

To grow your business online you want to build a strong online presence because it helps you grow your brand.

To get your business online use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest to share your content, blogs, images, videos over it. It will help you to grow your traffic by optimising it correctly.

Join the popular business groups, Facebook groups, forums to provide your opinion so you can promote your business through these free channels.

Distribute your documents, PDFs, PPTs, eBook on popular channels.

Create content consistently to engage your customers via blogs, emails, images, videos etc.

5. Know your marketing funnel:


You need to do consumer research and design a campaign for them and reach them through events, ads, tradeshows, bogs, webinars, direct mails, viral campaigns, social media, search media, etc.


The consumer is now considering your business and then you have to introduce your business and position it into the consumer’s mind. You give them product information through various marketing channels.


Connect with your customer with sales ad give them product demo, freebies, offer them a special discount. If your customer is aware of your product and it considered your offers then you don’t need too much offers to convert them into sales.

6. Track, Analyse and Re-market:

Now you decide your working format then you present your business online and you started promoting by understanding marketing funnel. Now you should track your customer activity on your webpages.

You need to analyse there behaviour to find how they are reacting on your pages for that you have amazing tools like Google Analytics, Facebook pixel also other to track your interested audience.

Also, You need to remarket your interested audience because they do not take immediate purchase when you are going to promote your product. It takes some time consideration to conversion.

Retargeting also helps you raise your brand awareness and keep your product forefront in the consumer’s mind. It also provides you with better ROI (return on investment).

finally, starting your online business is easy when you know its basics and follow these steps in your daily business. Although passion and practice is everything.



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