Are you thinking “should I learn digital marketing?

Do you think digital marketing is just another profession for the area of study?

Do you think it like some other professions live programming, data science, machine learning or any other similar like this?

But the reality is different.

You can’t ignore digital marketing like above others because it provides an opportunity to establish a significantly more engaged communication with your consumers for a significantly reduced budget.

I will make it more clear,

It is a way of communication.

Do you think you have an option for English?

Of course not, there is no option for English in this business world. English is a global language and everyone is going to use it in daily life.


Similar way, you don’t have an option for digital marketing. Digital marketing is the backbone of today’s emerging economy.

Digital marketing is a skill that everyone is adapting optionally irrespective of their job profile.

Confused? Let me clear it?

A 16 years old boy post their picture photo to Instagram is nothing but digital marketing, a family man posting their family photos on Facebook is nothing but digital marketing.

You are posting your education, skill over LinkedIn is nothing but digital marketing, you are posting on social media about your social activities to spread awareness is nothing but digital marketing.

We are doing all this stuff in daily life, we are all surrounded by digital marketing.

If you start observing the behaviour of people online so you can find digital marketing is everywhere.

Before digital marketing, there was television, radio, newspaper to spread your idea, aware people about your product and mostly this media has only power to reach people.

Let’s assume;

You have an awesome idea that can help people to achieve their goal but you have limited access to spread that idea on television, radio, newspaper or hoardings because you don’t have too much budget for it.

This limitation gets your idea intact and not reach those people who need it.

Thus you will not help others even you have good knowledge about any particular subject.

Is this situation satisfies you? of course not!

But first time in world history this can happen, a single person can publish their idea and spread with a single click.

If your idea is amazing, it helps people then people sharing it even they don’t know you.

By sharing again and again things go viral and reached millions of people without investing a single rupee and that’s the power of digital marketing.

Today we spreading information through digital channels by publishing text, photos, videos could be for personal, the business or nonprofit.

But what is the ultimate aim to do this thing? Think over it…

I thought your ultimate aim to reach needy people for enquiry, awareness, or sell something like product, service, skills or anything that generates value or money.

Now that required specialised in marketing to get a better understanding of our consumer behaviour to get an enquiry, leads, emails, signups, logins etc.

Here is digital marketing can help you to find out solutions and simplistically achieve your goal using fever efforts and budget.

Marketing involves understanding what customers want exactly want.

You have a product or service that you want to sell but people don’t aware about your product or service, can is gone successful?

Your product went fail ! if there is no awareness and people don’t know their availability, features and advantages.

So, digital marketing gives us the opportunity to make awareness about your product or service and help us to grow your business.

You get a knowledge of what people exactly needed and market your product or service to target users. Most of the concept of marketing related to the real-time world it will help you in another area of life. So, You can influence your friends, family and consumer easily.

So, even if you are doing good in other areas of the profession but you need to know the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Because it grows continuously. it will impact well on your personal and professional life if you know it well.

If you are a learner, student, professional, startup, business and looking to grow your career so you should go through digital marketing.

Digital marketing helps you to plan your journey and achieve your goal.



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