15 AdSense approval trick that will give you AdSense approval at day 1.

Hey, do you start a new blog and write some of the posts there and waiting for AdSense approval for your first online income.

Then here I come up with the best AdSense approval tricks where you can get your AdSense approval in a day one.

You just need to implement steps in your blog or you can get an AdSense blog should be effortlessly AdSense approved in a day one.

If you are new on blogger and looking to generate online income then AdSense is the best passive income for you.

Because AdSense allows you to partner with the most trusted platform i.e Google where huge advertisers available that are looking for space on your site for their advertisement.

So you have a great opportunity to monetize the website using Ad Sense.

So here are some AdSense approval trick you just need to follow on…

1. Quality content: 

A good website makes a sale for you even you are sleeping.

So which primary think makes your website good?

Yes, the quality content because readers are coming you to understand and get something genuine knowledge and if you provide this value to your reader 

so they can be delighted, they will spend more time on your website thus quality content is most important to enhance user experience.

2. Content length: 

Sometimes Google can disprove your application because of insufficient content. Some of us write content about 300 words 

But Did you know which blogs are getting rankings in Google? 

1500-2000 word length is getting ranked in Google so the content length is very important because allow your user to scroll down and 

Also, the same opportunity to google to put more advertising within these content and automatically it will beneficial to you so try to make content length enough.

3. Domain age:

It is necessary to have a domain is 6 months old. So don’t apply if your domain is new because according to AdSense policy if you have a website with a paid domain then your website must be 6 months old.

4. You should be 18+ years old:

If you are applying for AdSense form your email then your age should be 18+ years old. If you are under 18 years old you may sign up for AdSense using your parents or Guardian’s google account. 

If your AdSense approved, google will make all patent to the adult who is responsible for the site.

5.  Don’t use copyrighted material: 

All the website and their content inherently copyrighted, so don’t try to copy anything from another website. 

To get approval for your AdSense account you should have the unique content for it. 

Before you post your content on your blog please check it with a plagiarism checker. 

In the same way, don’t use copy images of another website. You may use copyright-free images from google but it is a butter way to create your images for your blog post using the tools like canva.

6. Block other ad networks: 

Although there is no restriction on the number of ad platform you can choose to monitor your website.

AdSense is a contextual ad network and the not allow to run any other ad networks which mimic ads like AdSense.

So a better way to use other ads networks such as affiliate ads on the other page. 

If you are using both networks on the same page so it is a violation of Google AdSense policy.

7. Website theme:

Theme plays an important role in your AdSense approval. It is great if your theme is simple, sober, and beautiful.

The theme should be lightweight, easy to access, and tested where your website content should be readable and thus you will get a good response from your reader. 

If your themes colours, content, and combination not good so it will increase your bounce rate, and thus google will not show their ads such website because of low user experience. 

8. Add compulsory pages: 

There is a necessary about home, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy page on your website. 

Because Google will not review your website anyway. If you apply for AdSense the google crawlers crawl your website automatically.  

You should provide tabs or links that can highlight your pages so Google crawlers can easily crawl these. You can use auto disclaimer generator to create content for these pages.

9. Find supportive language: 

AdSense is not supported to all languages make sure that you will make a blog will support Google AdSense language settings so you can get quickly approved.  

10. No lot more images: 

Don’t use a lot of images in your website, since there is no such readable content in your site and usually the most of the ads given by google AdSense is in the banner.

 So that cant makes a sense if there is a lot of images already there it will decrease the click-through rate (CTR).

So, there is a less probably to approve your AdSense application because of lots of images.

11. Sufficient posts:

Your blog has a sufficient blog post. It is found that usually have 15-30 blogs on your website with a minimum content length 500-600 words getting AdSense approval more often. 

In some of the exceptional cases, the AdSense can give on approval for website having only 3-5 post only but the length of those blog post will be long and it will reach to nearby 3000-4000 words per blog post.

But the recommended thing is if you are working on your blog form 6 months and thus you should have enough content before applying for AdSense.

12. Stay away from prohibited content:

Please keep in mind that Google AdSense will not give you approval if there is a prohibited content like pirated content, an illegal drug, pornography or adult material or hacking or cracking tutorial.

You should do follow webmasters quality guidelines to get approval. 

13. The visitor is not approval factor: 

No. of the visitor is not the factors of Google AdSense approval you should satisfy their other criteria and you will get the AdSense approval even you do not have many visitors for your site. 

14. Use of TLD:

Top-level domain (TLD) getting ranking in Google or another search engine also and there is a probability to get good traffic.

Thus you will get more crowd because the will not come free. You may get AdSense approval with free another website subdomain but the top-level domain works better while taking a quick approval of Google AdSense.

15. Create a part of the specifier niche:

Google likes relevancy. If your blog is relevant then your user interacts with it quickly.

So the web site should have specific niche related material in a blog post. If the content found highly diversified so you don’t get approved.

So finally, use these best AdSense approval trick that will help you to get AdSense approval in day one.

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