What if I tell you digital marketing is very easy to understand.

It sounds crazy. right?

From last some years this topic is most trending everybody talking about this but now also you don’t know what digital marketing exactly is?

You will search related information but after some time you will getting confused by reading some of the articles.

So, don’t worry I will explains it in easy way. You just need to keep on reading…

In this word the millions of people using the internet and buying a product or services for their needs.

For festivals, weddings, or their self needs they preferred to shop online.

From last some years there is a change of way to do the shopping.

Now people will not buying in local market but they can do shopping through the online websites. They can search for related items and bought it online.

By these growing online trends, the traditional businesses like the grocery store, retail shops, clothing stores, toy shops are going to closed because of online business sites.

It is very hard for them to do business in this market

These problems exist for businesses thus I certainly tell you to 100% accurate solution for your problem and this one is digital marketing.

We will going to learn here…

What is digital marketing? Why it is important? and Where you can used in your business?

First, we will try to understand what is digital marketing?

It is the marketing of product or services using digital mobile phones apps, display ads, search ads, video ads and other digital mediums.

When any company launch their product, it wants to reach many people for their business promotions, For that, it is using digital marketing.

It is also known as online marketing. The meaning of marketing is to connect with the customer at the right place and the right time.

Now, Your business needs a lot more attention to grow. So, you need to reach people first.

Now you need to find out where people will notices your business. Where they spending their time.

And as you know people spending a lot time over the internet.

In India, almost every age of people using the internet. Although internet users are increasing day by day.

Either a big company or small both using the internet to promote their business.

Some of the companies advertise their product through banners, Pamphlets, Hoardings, TV Commercials.

The same type of promotion can also be possible by using digital marketing

You can advertise your businesses may be online or offline but its ultimate aim is to reach more and more customers.

In offline marketing, you need to spend more money to reach customers but by using digital marketing with a very low budget

Presently we will see why digital marketing is important?

Digital marketing is a way to read the customer using digital techniques.

When there is no existence of smartphone then people were using the TV, radio, magazines, newspapers to reach people. Big companies promoting their products using this traditional media.

Now in this online word almost every person spending their time on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Google.

They are seeing videos on YouTube instead of TV, listening songs on mobile apps instead of radio and reading online blogs instead of newspapers.

That’s why companies think to reach these audiences in digital ways and advertise their services to these platforms where most of the internet users available.

Digital marketing can help to reach more audiences within a budget.

In previous days people go in the market to buy the product but now people will buy through websites online within a click.

Digital marketing is advantageous for customer as well entrepreneurs also because they can reach up to many peoples in fever time.

Digital marketing demand keeps on increasing day by day because it will give you a better return in a small budget.

Now its time to know where digital marketing can use and how?

Here are some of the best ways to do digital marketing efficiently.


Blogging is a better way to reach people more efficiently. Here You need to start a blog and explain your company’s services, features, advantages, offerings and discounts, etc.

With blogging, You can attract more and more people towards your product.

Content Marketing:

You can write your company’s whole information in the type of content, you should write attractive content and peach your products, discount, offers.

This way the user will more aware about your product ultimately will increase in sales.

Search Engine Optimization:

If you want lot more traffic to your website through a search engine so you need a knowledge about SEO.

When the user needs information so he can search on Google and Google produce a result in front of them by using Search Engine Optimization.

If your website comes in Google search result so there is an opportunity to reach more people. You just need to make your website according to Google guidelines. So you will get better organic traffic for your website.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is an integral part of digital marketing. Most of the businesses can advertise their services or products on social media to engage the users.

It is the best way to engage people towards your business also helps you to get feedback and know what people thinking about your product or services.

Social media marketing is very profitable for your business you can advertise on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.

Google ads:

When you are searching on Google for information, news, blog, product person or services you will see the lot more advertisements and most of them coming via Google ads platform.

Using Google ads any businesses can advertise their product or services to the interested consumers. This is one of the best-paid service provided by Google.

Google can show these advertisers in some of the best websites that have the most traffic. So, you can promote your business up to target audiences by using Google ads.

You can make various type of Google ads such as image ads, match content ads, video ads, search ads, shopping ads, etc.

App marketing:

Nowadays many companies making their apps for customer services or entertainment or other according to consumers requirement.

You may advertise your products or services in these apps known as app marketing.

It is also a better option for business promotion because a lot of people is using the apps in their smartphone so you have a chance to interact with these users.

If someone clicks on these ads they can automatically redirect to your website to find relevant information.

YouTube Channel Marketing:

Today YouTube is the second most growing search engine after Google

YouTube has a lot of traffic and audiences and this is one of the best platform you can use to advertise your business.

Every time you are looking the video on YouTube, You will find the advertisement before starting the video or middle of the video, actually it has video ads by some of the companies to grab your attention.

Email marketing:

Email marketing is a way to reach people by using their email addresses. Companies can send information to people via email and within that mail sends product details, deals and offers via email, etc.

It also has the link of website with that information where customer can click and see their product or service by reaching to their website.

Within a single click, you can reach to lacks of people It is an efficient and affordable way by doing digital marketing via mail

Using digital marketing you can reach up to millions of peoples and find a better way to sell your products online.

I hope you will understand some of the basics of digital marketing.

Next couple of weeks we will see what are the options available to do the digital marketing and how we can implement in our business to grow our customer base.

keep reading! keep learning !!



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