Hey there;

I am shrutesh. I am a blogger and digital marketer.

I want to share with you my story about how I came in the field of digital marketing.

This was the year of 2014 where I have started a one travel venture. It was a travel commerce website.

I always wanted to become an entrepreneur and willing to start the online business.

I was passionate about travelling that’s why I thought to start an online travel website where the customer can book their flight tickets, hotels, bus and holiday packages.

For that, I had researched a lot and then started working over to implement this plan.

I have bought a booking API that was related to flight booking, hotel booking, bus booking then I hire some freelancers to work over that project and then after some days it went live.

But after its launching of 6 months, our online website not got a single booking and unfortunately, this venture has gone fail.

To open this startup I was brought some loans from my friends, family, relatives and banks as well.

Because of failure, People asking to refund their money and I have Somehow managed to repay this amount to respective ones.

After some days, I started analysing that how my startup go fail then I found that, initial startup required marketing and if you have any website venture there is essential that you should know about digital marketing.

But until my startup in running condition, I don’t know about what digital marketing, how other companies getting leads online, how people interact with an online business, how to spread awareness of your business online and then convert them into customers.

Thus from then, my digital marketing journey has started.

From then I was started to study online what is digital marketing, experimenting with digital marketing and implementing it in our own business also started working on clients small project for their digital marketing needs.

Today I am a Google certified digital marketer and providing digital marketing consulting to the customers as well I trained nearly thousands of students, startups, professionals, employees and small business owners to improve their business and career opportunities through digital marketing.

You can also become a digital marketer, You just need a passion to learn. I can certainly help you to achieve your goal if you want to learn digital marketing.

You can contact me through email: info@digitalshrutesh.com or call me at 8669081723.